Andy Baan, Sales Rep, Denver, CO:

"It is just invaluable.
I cannot express the value it has provided to me in big enough terms. I learn so much every time I listen to it. I can listen to a discussion of the products and that'll help me prepare for the sale the next day."

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Lee Davis
Audio/Video Productions
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Springfield, IL 62708
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   •  Professionally conducted interviews
   •  Scripting
   •  Digital editing, (removing those annoying "um's", "uhh's" and awkward pauses)
   •  Licensed music, jingles, "bumps" and special effects
   •  Produced to sound like a "talk radio" show
   •  Scheduling of interviews, (frees up your time and accommodates everyone's schedule)


   •  Duplication, labeling and shipping, (we can do it all!)


   •  Typically one week. And we can get your show started right away!

See What the Reps Say! "Is it really useful for reps?"