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Elated Customers


Jim Vorlop, Area Sales Manager, San Antonio:
"It's one of the neatest training tools I've seen in a number of years. This allows the reps to learn new things, but allows them to constantly go back and brush up." (LISTEN)

Jamie Loftus, Springfield, IL:
"It's quick, it's concise, it's to-the-point, and it's got real people talking about things that you typically wouldn't hear trainers talking about" (LISTEN)

Tom Willoughby, Baltimore:
“Success stories were inspirational and useful. Great fun while being educational. Continue the program!”

Andy Baan, Denver, CO:
"It is just invaluable. I cannot express the value it has provided to me in big enough terms. I learn so much every time I listen to it. I can listen to a discussion of the products and that'll help me prepare for the sale the next day." (LISTEN)

Charlie Duerr, Boston:
“I shamelessly steal ideas to implement in my territory”

Spiro Nicolet, Chicago, IL
"The success stories pick you up when you're doubting yourself...when you need to know it can be done. Also, the product-specific stuff is very, very, very helpful." (LISTEN)

James Carroll, Boston:
“I gave the tape all “10’s” because it was way better than I expected it would be. I can't think of any way you could improve it. Excellent!”

Jim Devenny, Lexington, KY
"The tips we get from the other reps are valuable...You always seem to come away with some good ideas that you can implement into your daily selling." (LISTEN)

Eric Walter, San Jose:
“To hear about the success of other reps, to hear how they go about closing business. Real-life examples are always most helpful.”

Steve Petralia, San Jose:
“Very creative and positive marketing idea!!”

Laura Parrino, Purchase, NY:
“Success stories very valuable. You pick up good ideas and techniques from top sales executives.”

Greg Smith, Irvine, CA:
“The tape was great. It’s great to hear from other regions. Presentation was excellent!”

Tom McCoy:
“It was great, just great. It was really great!”

Larry Gill, Irvine, CA:
“Fantastic work! Very, very helpful for this new SE. Thank you!”

Mike Ratti, DSM, Baltimore:
“A-PLUS! Great idea! Very creative tool! Very powerful communication & fun!”

Judi Katula, Baltimore:
“Very entertaining. I was impressed by the quality of the tape. I was almost convinced we really had a radio station. I learned something while being entertained. It was GREAT!”