Judi Catula
Sales Rep, Baltimore:

“Very entertaining. I was impressed by the quality of the tape. I was almost convinced we really had a radio station. I learned something while being entertained. It was GREAT!”

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Lee Davis
Audio/Video Productions
PO Box 4253
Springfield, IL 62708
217 585-9885


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The ultimate information-sharing solution

Train on new products, without sounding like a "training" piece
Explain mission-critical applications, in a clear, understandable way
Share SUCCESS stories, motivate the field
Competitive news, must-have information

Eliminates time consuming meetings & conference calls

Full development - We make it easy

We book the interviews
We write the script
We create the "show"

All that's left for you is to approve the show, and it's "out the door!"

A full turnkey solution. You don't need more work.

Here's What it Includes "What does it include?"