What's the difference?

  Tornado Watch

  A tornado watch means the Storm Prediction Center in Norman,Oklahoma, has determined that weather conditions exist which could produce tornadoes.

  Tornado Warning

  A tornado has been sighted by trained spotters, law enforcement officials, or has been indicated by National Weather Service Doppler Radar. This means take cover now! Put your tornado safety plan into action.

What do I do?

  If at work or school:

  If outdoors:

  If in a car:

  If you are outside in open country:

  In mobile homes:

  If you feel your home is unsafe:

Things to know:

Tornado Disaster Tips

  States by the most tornadoes in 1993: Texas (117); Kansas (113); Florida (85);
South Dakota (85); Colorado (71); and Nebraska (70).
Total number of U.S. tornadoes in 1993: 1,173.

Before a Tornado:

 Look & Listen for:

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