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  Imagine your town's very OWN radio station available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  It's not like getting "bulletin board" messages on the local station, since once they air, they're gone.

  You decide what you want to say, and your message is available on the world wide web, ALL the time.

  You can start with a welcome from the mayor or village president, plus interviews with local leaders, then talk about your town.

  Your program is written, edited, and produced by veteran broadcasters who know just what to do to make your station interesting and fun.

  To make it easy for you and your community leaders, interviews are conducted over the telephone.

  When your program's ready, it can be linked to your web page, or if you don't have a web site, we can create a full site for you, or a link page right from Hometown Radio USA™.

  We can update your program as often as you like, with current events, information on special meetings, and what's going on about town.

  People in town, folks who've moved away, prospective businesses, and those thinking of relocating can "tune in" and will come back to your web site again and again to see what's new in town.

  It's economical and easy. To get your Hometown Radio USA™ radio station started just send us an e-mail.


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